First Name: Janice
Surname: Bryant

Talent :
- Mature Models
- Presenters
- Extras

Age: 51-60
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: London
Accent: British London
Height: 5ft8inch
Weight: 68kg
Shoe Size: 5 UK
Hair Color: Grey/White
Eye Colour: Hazel
Waist: 31"
Bust: 34C
Hips: 39"
Other Accents: British London
Drivers License: Yes

Additional Talents

Website and credits:

Over the 8 years I’ve been modelling:

– I’ve taken part in the Zurich Smarter Living Campaign, the Blue Step Solutions & NHS

– Make Time Campaign, I will be appearing in educational promotions for the charity Drinkaware and I’m currently in the Contiki Travel Campaign

– I’ve been in most of the national press and a variety of magazines

– I have 109 publications worldwide to my name

– I’ve made 18 major contributions to a variety of TV shows and ads. My most recent show will feature me through out the 60 minute footage product testing and presenting, on a prime time C5 programme about M&S

– Appeared on the catwalk 11 times

– Been a regular guest on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
As a model, I’ve honed my craft to the extent that I can convey emotions, look totally natural in my images and I have an understanding of my camera angles. As a former Business Analyst, I have excellent interpersonal skills, I’m punctual and reliable, and above all I’m committed to getting your job done on schedule, whilst making new friends in the process.


Years of Production Description Production Name Company Name Role
2014 Stock shot published in a German newspaper Lifestyle stock photography Alamay via David Green Model
2013 Published in Woman magazine Editorial shoot Woman magazine Model
2013 Stock shot published in the Daily Express Lifestyle shoot Alamy via David Green Model
2013 On the catwalk for 3 days at Olympia 50+ show 50+ show Catwalk model
2013 Read the weather forecast Cheeky Daz Show Spitfire Radio Weather reader
2013 Competitor in 'May the best house win' May the best house win ITV Major contributor
2013 Catwalk bridal Wyboston lakes bridal fair Wyboston Lakes hotel
2013 Published in Real People magazine Real People magazine Real People magazine Model
2013 Major contributor on a styling show Discovery channel Discovery channel Competitor
2013 Editorial shoot in the Daily Mail Body image shoot Daily Mail Model
2013 Interviewed twice for the John Scott show John Scott show Cruise and Discovery channel Guest
2013 Accepted as a fitting model by BHS Fitting model BHS Fitting model
2013 Catwalk bridal Huntingdon Marriott Bridal Fair Huntingdon Marriott Catwalk model
2013 Fashion shoot published in the Suffolk mag Commercial fashion shoot Rivival Exchange Fashion model
2013 Major contributor on C4 prime time show Britain's Secret Shopper's Channel 4 Major contributor
2013 Fashion model on ITV show Alan Titchmarsh show ITV Fashion model
2013 Modelled for Isabe Clothing model Isabe fashion Fitting model
2013 Published on Sky online Stock shot by David Green Alamy Lifestyle model
2012 Smarter Living advert shown on TV Smarter Living Campagin UK Living and C4
2012 Beauty model published in the Mirror Beauty shoot for the Mirror Mirror Beauty model
2012 Interviewed on Bro Radio Bro Radio South Whales Bro Radio South Whales Guest
2012 Published in the Sun Weight loss shoot Sun Model
2012 Published in Woman's Own Article about me Woman's Own Model
2012 Major contributor on Sing Date Sing Date Sky Living Contestant
2012 Published on AOL Stock shot by David Green Alamy Lifestyle model
2012 Published in the Daily Express Story about me Daily Express Model
2012 Interviewed on the Sporah Show Sporah show Guest
2012 My film is shown for a year Telegraph online Zurich Actress
2012 Published twice in the Telegraph Smarter Living Campagin Zurich Model
2012 Published in Awesome magazine Galmour shoot Awesome Model
2012 Make a beauty infomercial Eclairant Beauty infomercial Eclairant Beauty Beauty model
2012 Hair shoot for Daily Mail Childhood hair shoot Daily Mail Hair model
2012 Guest on 'this morning' Bowl cancer awareness ITV Guest
2012 Featured in 'I love my Post Office' Campagin I love my Post Office Post Office Model
2012 Won first prize in a Styling competition Cambridge fashion an beauty week Cambridge fashion an beauty week Stylist and catwalk model
2011 Extra on Trollied Trollied Sky 1 Extra
2011 Published online for the Beauty Bra website Commercial shoot for Beauty Bra Beauty Bra Model
2011 Interviewed by Andy Harper for his radio show Andy Harper Show BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Guest
2011 My story published in the Hunts Post My story Hunts Post Model
2014 Hair model for catwalk show at Sasoon's Catwalk show Sasoon's Hair model


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Training typeTraining location