First Name: Rachel
Surname: Lee

Talent :
- Commercial Models
- Foreign Actors
- Professional Actors

Age: 21-24
Ethnicity: East Asian
Location: London
Accent: East Asian
Height: 5ft3inch
Weight: 52kg
Shoe Size: 5.5 UK
Hair Color: Black
Eye Colour: Black
Other Accents:
Drivers License: No

Additional Talents

Singer -professional training since the age of 9, approaching classical arias, operas and musical theatre
- releasing my 2 EPs, which are available on Soundcloud already.
Pianist - High distinction in Licentiate Diploma
- international competitions and concerts
- second study in the Royal Academy of Music.
Percussionist - currently studying in the Royal Academy of Music
- concerto performances in city halls before.
Model - catalougue and headshots
- two complete profiles with different styles of photos, ranging from funky to ballroom dresses.
Actress - international drama competitions
- performances including 80 days around the world, Wicked, Jasmine in Aladdin etc
- confident in front of cameras
Languages - Fluent in english, mandarin and cantonese
Sports - Good at basketball, korfball, canoe polo
- won medals for swimming and running
-diploma certificate for ice skating
- PADI certificate for Scuba diving
- like playing badminton, tennis and table tennis
- blue belt in kickboxing


Years of Production Description Production Name Company Name Role
2005 Drama production Cats Kids Gallery Cat
2009 Public Performance musical High School Musical Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Kelsi