First Name: Dave
Surname: Davies

Age: 31-40
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: Britain North
Accent: British Northern
Height: 5ft11inch
Weight: 30kg
Shoe Size: 10
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Colour: Brown
Waist: 28
Bust: 36
Hips: 30
Drivers License: Yes

  • searchTraining 2
    HND Performing Arts : High Melton College
    BA Acting: Northampton University
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  • searchCredits 40
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2019 Stage Almost, Maine Actor Man/Daniel
    2019 Stage This Landscaper Believes The Earth Is Flat Actor Landscaper
    2019 Stage God of Carnage Actor Alain
    2018 Stage Porno Actor Isaac
    2018 Stage A History of Falling Things Actor Robin
    2018 Stage Laughter on the 23rd Floor Actor Kenny Franks
    2017 Heavens Walk Heavens Walk Actor George Brockelsby
    2017 Wizard of Oz Wizard of Oz Actor Scarecrow
    2017 Stage The Gut Girls Actor Arthur
    2017 Stage No Harm Done Actor Matt
    2017 Stage Speaking in Tongues Actor Neil Toohey
    2016 Stage Man In The Iron Mask Actor D'artaganan
    2016 Stage Neville's Island Actor Roy
    2016 Stage The Merchant Of Venice Actor Salarino
    2016 Stage The Proposal Actor Ivan Vassiliyitch
    2015 Film Strength Of The Sun Actor The Package
    2015 Film I Believe Actor Professor Tanas
    2015 Stage The Caucasion Chalk Circle Actor Simon Chachava/Ensemble
    2015 Stage Rita, Sue And Bob Too Actor Bob
    2015 Stage The Importance Of Being Earnest Actor Jack Worthing
    2014 Stage Macbeth Actor Malcolm
    2014 6 Shooter 6 Shooter Actor Seymore
    2014 Film SuperFast North Yorkshire Presenter Myself
    2013 Film Loose Ends Actor Irish Man
    2013 Film Sight Unseen Actor Sniper
    2012 Stage A Passionate Woman Actor Craze
    2012 Film Wrath Actor Gabriel
    2012 Film Apocalypse Girl Actor Shell Suit
    2012 Film Miss Pippy Actor Mr Pushover
    2012 Love and Honor Love and Honour Actor Kingsman
    2011 Stage Some Kind of Love Story Actor Tom O’Toole
    2011 Dig Deeper Dig Deeper Actor The Kid
    2011 Remnants Of A Disaster Remnants Of A Disaster Actor Adam
    2011 Stage Beauty and the Beast Actor Mourice
    2010 Film 21:30 Actor Curtis
    2010 Stage Cinderella Actor Prince Charming
    2010 Stage Romeo and Juliet Actor Mercutio
    2010 Stage My Fair Lady Actor Henry Higgins
    2010 Stage Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Actor Willy Wonka
    2010 Stage Blackadder Goes Fourth Actor Leftenant George

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