First Name: Emmanuel
Surname: Mathenge

Age: 11-15
Ethnicity: Black
Location: London
Accent: British London
Height: 4ft7inch
Hair Color: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Waist: NA
Bust: NA
Hips: NA
Drivers License: No

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Additional Talents

SPORTS: Football, swimming, penny N skateboarding, tennis, handball, dodgeball, rugby and cricket.
DANCE: I like dancing to hip hop and modern music e.g Rolex. I go to dancing club in my school.
SINGING: As a very musical person, I do a lot of singing and rapping mostly to gospel music. I sing alto in my school choir but I can sing bass and soprano.
INSTRUMENTS: Currently I am on grade 5 drums but I also play violin, piano, cornet ( grade 1), and percussion. As a result of this, I am part of a special orchestra called National Private Schools Orchestra. I also play drums in my school rock band (called The Unknown) and in my Church band.
ACCENTS: Italian, French, Espanyol, German, All African, New York, Western America, Caribbean, Posh British, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh.

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    2017 Bugsy Malone Bugsy Malone
    2017 Bugsy Malone Bugsy Malone

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