First Name: Gerda
Surname: Jasinskaite

Age: 21-24
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: London
Accent: Eastern European
Height: 5ft8inch
Weight: 54kg
Shoe Size: 5.5
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Colour: Gray
Waist: 25
Bust: 33B
Hips: 35
Drivers License: Yes

  • searchTraining 7
    Meisner Technique: Paris Meisner Studio
    Cinema: Universite Paris 8
    Acting: The Action Studio
    Acting: Paris Film Academy
    Acting: Bilingual Acting Workshop
    Acting: Film Acting, Paris
    Acting: Theatre Studio "Ausra"
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ACCENTS: French, Lithuanian*, Russian
SPORTS: Shooting, Tennis, Yoga*

  • searchCredits 14
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2019 Television Troisieme Actor Presenter / Chronicler
    2019 Short Film Hors De L'Eau Actor Moon
    2018 Short Film La Culapbilite Actor Gerda
    2018 Concert Workingon Performer Electro Poetry Performer Singer
    2018 Concert Performance "Le Sensualisme" A L'Eglise Saint Marie Performer Muse
    2018 Commercial Orawa Model Traveller
    2018 Choreography "Le Monde Des Reflets Vivants" Petit Palais Performer Muse
    2017 Short Film Rebecca Actor Rebecca
    2017 Event The Sensualism Actor Tableau Vivant
    2014 Stage The Bear Actor Elena
    2014 Stage A Marriage Proposal Actor Natalia
    2014 The Collector The Collector Actor The Collector
    2013 Radio Grock - Music Presenter Self
    2013 Pantomime Performance In The Streets Actor Actor

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