First Name: Juan
Surname: Alonso

Age: 31-40
Ethnicity: Mediterranean
Location: London
Accent: Mediterranean
Height: 5ft9inch
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Colour: Brown
Waist: 30 .
Bust: 35.5 .
Hips: 32
Drivers License: No

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    2008-2011: "Col·legi de Teatre de Barcelona" Full time performing arts and drama school: Barcelona
    2012-2013: "International school of corporeal mime" First year-NQF Level 4.: London
    2016: Level 3 Advanced Acting, Actors Studio (Pinewood Studios).: Pinewood studios
    2017: One day Screen Acting Workshop with Tim Kent, Actors Studio (Pinewood Studios).: Pinewood studios
    2017: Actors Professional Development, Actors Studio (Pinewood Studios).: Pinewood studios
Additional Talents

Cycling, Rollerblading, Spanish speaker, catalan speaker, stilts, skin performer, corporeal mime.

  • searchCredits 8
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2018 Farytale love in a nightmare/PortraitX Undead priest/ still photography
    2018 Solo a Star Wars story/ Disney Lucasfilm Brown droid/costumefx
    2017 Feature Film, STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII – THE LAST JEDI, Lucasfilm, Rian Johnson Canto Bight - Droid - Fx costume
    2016 Television, (FX Make up), DUCK QUACKS DON’T ECHO, Magnum Media Gino, Italian waiter
    2011 Stage, LA VISITA DE LA VELLA DAMA - FRIEDRICH DÜRRENMATT. Karl, Ill’s son and Painter
    2011 Stage, Physical Theatre, YOUNG PEOPLE OLD VOICES, Raimund Hoghe N/A
    2010 Stage, LA TEMPESTA - WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. Ferran/Ferdinand
    2009 Stage, PERQUÈ ELS TEATRES SON BUITS - CABARET, KARL VALENTIN. Dumb Accountant and Sexy Man,
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