First Name: Kelly
Surname: Antampoufi

Age: 21-24
Ethnicity: Mediterranean
Location: London
Accent: British London
Height: 5ft3inch
Weight: 54kg
Shoe Size: 5
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Colour: Hazel
Waist: 25.39
Bust: 34
Hips: 34.25
Drivers License: No

  • searchTraining 4
    Dance: Ballet (2002-2019) - Contemporary (2008-2019) - Jazz (2016-2019) - Bollywood (2014-2017) - Tango Argentino (2016-2017) - Lindy Hop (2017-2018) - Salsa (2016-2017) - Commercial street (2017-2019): ''Xanthi School of Dance'' (2002-2014) - ''Prodancers Studio'',Thessaloniki,Greece (2014-2016) - ''Bodywork Company Cambridge'' (2018-2019)
    Acting: Private lessons for audition preparation with Rafika Chawishe, Bacharidis A. and Ioannidou A.(2016-2019), ''Royal Conservatoire of Scotland'' Musical Theatre Summer school (2018), ''Commedia dell'arte'' workshop (2017), Creator and Director of the: Thessaloniki,Greece - Glasgow,UK - Cambridge, UK
    Singing: Private lessons with Julia Caddick and Mirella Lyka (2016-2019), Choir (2014-2019), : Xanthi, Greece -Thessaloniki,Greece - Cambridge, UK
    Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), Greek (native):
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SPORTS - Bike, Swim, Horseride, Iceskate, Climbing

DANCE - Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Greek Folk

INSTRUMENTS - Piano 10 yrs

  • searchCredits 5
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2019 Short Film 'Midnight Kiss'' Actress Stella
    2017 Musical Theatre ''One Step at a Time by Maria Stefanou'' the Musical Solo performer and dancer in the main cast Music woman, The beggar woman, Ensemble
    2017 Feature Film ''AIZ EITZ 2'' Leading role Thanaiti
    2016 ''The Fairy Tale without a Name'' by I.Kabanellis ''The Fairy Tale without a Name'' by I.Kabanellis Leading role The King
    2015 Theatre ''Gaza monologues'' Actress Sammy

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