First Name: Maalik
Surname: Mafumbilo

Age: 16-20
Ethnicity: Mixed Race
Location: London
Accent: British London
Height: 6ft1inch
Weight: 84kg
Shoe Size: 9.5
Hair Color: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Waist: 35
Drivers License: Yes

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I am interested in fitness and fashion. I play football. I go to the gym every day and I enjoy weight training and running on the treadmill at home.

I have a motorbike licence and a car driving licence.

I enjoy listening to R & B and Grime.

I am an hands-on person and enjoying my plumbing course. I also enjoy restoring objects.

I have commitment, determination and discipline. I have proved this by successfully achieving my goals both in my fitness and at college.

I have experience of dealing with a variety of people and so I have acquired good people skills.

Being fit means that I am able to cope with the demands needed in this industry.

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    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2018 People Just Do Nothing Supporting Artist - Student
    2018 Music video Grime music video Supporting artist Extra
    2018 Film Confidential Supporting Artist
    2018 Film Confidential Supporting Artist
    2018 Advert Darcia Supporting Artist
    2018 Film Confidential at this stage Student role Supporting Artist

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