First Name: Matthew
Surname: Wright-Kenny

Age: 25-30
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: London
Accent: British London
Height: 6ft3inch
Weight: 73kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Drivers License: No

  • searchTraining 1
    Foundation Diploma in Acting: LAMDA 2014-2015
Additional Talents

  • searchCredits 44
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2018 A Jolly Good Fellow (Short Film) Friend
    2018 Clap (Music Video) Vampire
    2018 The Career Of A Young Actor (Television) Self
    2018 Prospect Row (Stage) John Stacey
    2018 Don't Walk Around In The Nude (Stage) Victor
    2017 Click Bait (Short Film) Luke
    2017 Doing It Disabled (Feature Film) Edward Roberts
    2017 Disability Fashion Week (Event) Model
    2017 Josh Pieters - Real Zombies Invade London (Youtube) Pizza Zombie
    2017 Sanrizz Salons (Still Photography) Hair Model
    2016 Sky Sports Print Campaign (Still Photography) Post Matcher
    2016 We Are Here (Event) Rifleman George Richard Cuthbert
    2016 Horror At Frogsnorts (Corporate) Pumpkin Stu
    2016 A Broken Bond (Corporate) Jeremy Bond / Dr. Snoopi
    2016 Who Nicked St Nick (Corporate) Frost The Snowman
    2016 Downtrod Abbey (Corporate) Arthur Crown
    2016 Scary Tale Murders (Corporate) Jack The Giant Slayer
    2016 Purplex Files (Corporate) Alan Nile
    2016 Deadly Auction (Corporate) Fidel De Boux
    2016 Bloom (Short Film) Finn
    2016 Loner (Short Film) Jason
    2016 Dracula (Stage) Jonathan Harker
    2015 As You Like It (Stage) Duke Frederick / Corin / Oliver De Bois
    2015 The Seagull (Stage) Dorn
    2015 Icarus (Stage) Robert Rapinski
    2015 Aegon Championships (Still Photography) Hackett Model
    2015 Drop It Launch (Event) Model
    2015 Hawkwheels Online (Commercial) Board Rider
    2015 Open New Worlds (Still Photography) Goo Goo Dolls Bassist
    2015 Davros: The Teenage Years (Television) Steve
    2015 Northanger Abbey (Stage) Henry Tilney
    2015 Fresh Water (Stage) Julien Bell
    2014 Punk Rock (Stage) William
    2014 Party Time (Stage) Gavin
    2013 007 Heaven (Corporate) Austin Lovegood
    2012 Science Friction - Murder In Space (Corporate) Luke Warm
    2012 Masquerade (Stage) Phantom
    2012 Barnaby Rudge (Stage) Non-Commissioned Officer / Apprentice Boy
    2012 True Stories (Television) Railway Rider
    2012 Habeus Corpus (Stage) Dennis Wicksteed
    2011 Raiders Of The Lost Tomb (Corporate) Karma Kanic
    2010 Murder Mon Cheri (Corporate) Lord It'Over / Tim It'Over
    2010 Oooops Murder (Corporate) Billy Sitch / Billie Sarsted
    2009 The Girls From BOND (Event) Host

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