First Name: Mollie
Surname: Targett

Age: 25-30
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: Britain North
Accent: British Northern
Height: 5ft4inch
Weight: 64kg
Shoe Size: 7
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Colour: Blue
Waist: 33ches
Bust: 39es
Hips: 40es
Drivers License: Yes

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ACCENTS: American-California, Bradford, Cockney, Edinburgh, Essex, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Yorkshire

  • searchCredits 11
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2020 Quorn Quorn Model Chef
    2020 Selling App Selling App Actor Lady with lots of shoes
    2018 Say Your Prayers Say Your Prayers Actor Waitress
    2018 TV Judge Rinders Crime Stories Actor Paramedic
    2018 TV Emmerdale Actor Heather
    2018 Commercial British Red Cross Advert Actor Lady doing CPR
    2018 Stage A Night at the Musicals Musical Theatre Singer/Actress Lead Cast
    2018 TV Wonderlust Supporting Artist Nightclub Crowd
    2018 Modelling Home Instead Model Chef
    2018 The ABC Murders The ABC Murders Supporting Artist Factory Lady
    2017 TV Free Rein Supporting Artist Crowd Member

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