First Name: Peter
Surname: Radford

Age: 25-30
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: London
Accent: British Northern
Height: 6ft5inch
Weight: 92kg
Shoe Size: 11
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Colour: Hazel
Drivers License: No

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    BTEC National Diploma - Acting, 2006-2008: New College Nottingham
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ACCENTS: American-Standard, Cockney, Dutch, East European, English-Standard, Irish-Southern, London, Midlands-East, Nordic, Nottingham, RP, Scottish-Standard, South African, Yorkshire
MUSIC & DANCE: Bass (singing), Dance (general), Sight-Reading, Singing (general)
SPORTS: Bare Knuckle Boxer

  • searchCredits 30
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2018 Macbeth (Stage) Macbeth
    2018 Some Reason (Music Video) Masked Intruder
    2018 BKB 11 (Event) Fighter Interviews
    2018 The Merry Outlaws (Street Theatre) Little John
    2018 Twelfth Night (Site Specific) Duke Orsino
    2018 Bassingfield's Woodyard Promo Video Alfie the Superfly Wood Loving American Pimp
    2017 Restless (Audio) All Characters
    2017 Romeo and Juliet (Stage) Tybalt/Friar Lawrence
    2017 Bolsover Castle Fright Fest (Site Specific) Tour Guide and Spirits
    2017 A Pirates Christmas (Video Game) Ol' Big Nose
    2017 A Christmas Carol (Stage) Jacob Marley/Ghost of Christmas Present/Old Joe
    2016 Freeze Frame (Short Film) Dan
    2016 The Con Game (Short Film) Galbi
    2015 Lab Rats (Short Film) Simon
    2015 Cricket Has Landed 2 (Promo) Alien
    2015 Bitter Me (Music Video) Mark
    2015 Dysomnia (Short Film) Leith
    2015 Withdrawing In Disgust (Short Film) Daily Mail Reader
    2015 Unglued (Radio) Stewart
    2015 Castle Boulevard (Feature Film) Woody
    2014 Londongrad (Television) Thimblerigger's Friend
    2014 An Act Of Defiance (Documentary) Edward Allen
    2014 Civil War Documentaries (Documentary) Bernard De Gomme
    2014 Asylum (Radio) Harry
    2014 Apocalypse Of Mop (Role Play) Agent Greeneyes
    2014 Big Criminals (Short Film) Rory
    2013 Genesis Of Cron (Role Play) Agent Greeneyes
    2013 Dead Zone (Stage) Dr Radcliffe
    2013 Making Tracks (Stage) Peter
    2013 10 Grams (Feature Film) Ollie Brown
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