First Name: Victoria
Surname: Coburn

Age: 25-30
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: London
Accent: British London
Height: 5ft7inch
Weight: 60kg
Shoe Size: 6.5
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Colour: Blue
Waist: 28
Bust: 35
Hips: 33
Drivers License: Yes

  • searchTraining 1
    Acting Diploma: University of Sunderland
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Street Dance
Green Screen, Physical Theatre, Radio Drama, Story Telling, Theatre In Education
Cycling, Football, Pole Fitness

  • searchCredits 59
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2019 Top Boy Cafe Customer
    2019 London Kills Onlooker
    2018 Eastenders (TV) Passerby/Market Shopper
    2018 Pure (TV) Party Girl
    2018 The Romanoffs (TV) Young Parent
    2018 KFC (Commercial) KFC Customer
    2018 The Bisexual (TV) Restaurant Diner
    2018 Eastenders (TV) Cafe Customer/Queen Vic Customer
    2018 Barnardos (Commercial) Traveller at Train Station
    2018 The Innocents (Netflix) Bar Customer/Dancer
    2018 Kat and the Band (Feature Film) Concert Member
    2018 Eastenders (TV) Cafe Customer
    2018 The Press (TV) Passerby/Woman With Scarf
    2018 Next (Commercial) Bar Customer/Fairground Customer
    2018 End Game (Music Video) Bar Customer
    2018 Teen Spirit (Feature Film) Morgan
    2018 Gomorrah Restaurant Diner
    2018 Bounty Hunters Elise (Nigel’s Waitress) (FEATURED ROLE)
    2018 Eastenders Passerby
    2018 The Rook Market Stall Holder
    2018 De De Pyar De Wedding Guest
    2018 Hertz Advert Student
    2018 Amazon Prime Advert Commuter
    2018 Jaguar Advert Concert Member
    2018 Colchester Murder Mystery Night Andrea Dobson
    2018 Vitality Health Advert Rounders Team Member
    2018 RFA Promo Shoot Further Education Student
    2018 Apple Tree House Band Member
    2017 Durex (Commercial) Member of Public
    2017 Whiskey Stag (Commercial) Journalist/Fan
    2017 We Buy Any Car (Commercial) Member of Public
    2017 Saturday Night (Music Video) Party Girl
    2017 Boots (Commercial) Club Dancer
    2017 Twisted (Music Video) Club Dancer
    2017 EE (Commercial) Crew Member/Member of Carnival
    2017 Andi Osho's Twin Thing (TV) Member of Tour Party
    2017 The Split (TV) Member of Court
    2017 Made In Chelsea (TV) Bar Customer
    2017 Chris and Paige (Web Series) Paramedic
    2017 Dumbo (Feature Film) Dreamland Choir
    2017 Acid Pit Stop (Feature Film) Snow White Zombie
    2017 Eastenders (TV) Queen Vic Customer
    2017 Displaced (Student Film) Office Worker
    2017 Tomb Raider (Feature Film) Chanter In The Crowd
    2017 Judwaa 2 (Feature Film) Jogger
    2017 Mementos Mori (Student Film) Female Vampire
    2017 One Upon An Eve (Feature Film) Jane
    2016 The Boss (Student Film) Kate Carter
    2016 Bad Blood (Radio Drama) Rose Callaghan
    2016 Stage School (TV) Supporting Artiste
    2016 Convict 08 (Student Film) Convict 08/Patient
    2016 Slikk (Student Film) Julian's Mother- Voiceover
    2016 Bottle (Student Film) Homeless Girl
    2016 Exploited (Student Film) Kate
    2015 National Picnic Day (Student Film) Guest
    2015 Tell Her (Student Film) Girl 1
    2015 Neon Lights In The Sky (Student Film) Officer Lui
    2014 That's Your Trouble (Radio Play) Character B
    2014 Mountain Language (Radio Play) Prisoner

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