About Us


Fusion Management is one of the UK’s leading talent and casting agencies representing Actors, Models, Dancers and more in Film, TV, Theater, Commercial and Fashion Work.

The Fusion Management website is accessible to everyone in the entertainment/fashion industry – whether you are looking to cast certain artists or you are an individual looking for work in the entertainment/fashion industry – Fusion can help you!

The Fusion team meets all artists on their books face-to-face in order to put them in the rightful category. To be in the ‘PROFESSIONAL ACTORS’ section you must have been trained or have a certain amount of acting credits to be in that category.


Fusion is very selective when adding its artists to the rightful categories – We see each talent face-to-face to ensure they are up to date with head-shots and experience and most importantly PLACED UNDER THE RIGHT CATEGORY. If we don’t have what you are looking for on our books, we are still able to get what you want as we work as casting directors as well.

Casting directors, directors, producers, designers and many more can use the Fusion website as it is a platform of many artists to be found. We also provide other services such as casting sessions and recorded casting sessions for your projects. We have a range of photographers, videographers, make-up artists and studios all on stand-by. We speak to all our clients in detail when it comes to their needs for a project. We can do this by either meeting with you, phone or email – whichever you prefer, we are simply here to listen and help serve your requirements.

We have a number of talented artists on our books from professionally trained actors, professionally trained dancers and models of all ages and backgrounds. We also have other talented artists such as stunt artists, musicians, circus acts, gymnasts, athletes, and much more.

SOMETHING SPECIAL: There is also a very special search box: ‘ADDITIONAL TALENTS’ – Basically if you are looking for anyone with a specific talent or skill, type in the skill/talent in the ‘ADDITIONAL TALENTS’ box and the right CVs will pop up. For example if you are looking for guitar players, type in guitar and all CV’s containing that word will pop up and there you have your guitar players.

Castings can also be posted onto the website which will get all the right individuals applying – DON’T WORRY they do not go straight onto you when they apply. When a casting is posted and talents apply to them, their CV application goes straight to Fusion agents first who will asses the application and if it looks right then we will forward it on to you, so you will not get bombarded with emails, you will only get one email with the right CV’s attached to it.

PROFESSIONAL ACTORS *All our professional actors are either degree level actors or have had extensive experience in acting.
COMMERCIAL MODELS *All our commercial models have had experience in either TV Commercials, print, events and so on.
DANCERS *All our dancers have been either professionally trained or are very highly skilled.
HIGH FASHION *All our high fashion models have had catwalk and print experience and fit size requirements.
NEW FACES ACTORS *All new faces are individuals working on pursuing a career in acting by attending workshops or gaining experience.
NEW FACES MODELS *All new faces are individuals perusing a career in modeling.


Whether you are looking for part-time work or making a career for yourself in the entertainment/fashion industry, as an agency it is our duty to help get you where you want to go and to be seen by the right people. Our website is a great platform for all talents to be seen by some of the top industry professionals in entertainment and fashion! We will make sure the website is seen and used by the right people.

Once accepted onto the website, you will be put on the right category/categories that suit your abilities – this will make it much easier for casting directors, directors, designers and so on to find the right artists they need for each role.

On the website you will be able to apply to several castings posted daily – when applying your CV will automatically be put through to the fusion team and if you fit the role we will then forward it straight unto the casting director or whoever is responsible for the casting. This provides all our artists with more information about the work provided and will get you more involved in the industry. It is also a great way for fusion agents to make sure all the right artists have been put up for a role.

So not only will you be searchable by the right people in the industry but you will also be able to apply for work yourself via the website and stay interactive within the industry.


In the entertainment industry, it is essential to have a portfolio if you would like to go into modelling or dancing. Actors and extras would need a set of headshots and body shots. This is so agents can represent you, as casting directors only see your CV and pictures first and then through your pictures and CV they select who they would like to see for an audition.

Since we started Fusion Management, we have been in contact with amazing photographers that don’t charge too much for a professional portfolio or a set of professional head shots. We can recommend you to agency approved photographers who have great packages available for Headshots and Portfolios.

ALWAYS seek advice from your agent before booking any photo-shoots! Not only will you be getting a great deal on a shoot but you can also reassure that you will be signed onto our mailing list and will be getting work immediately within the industry so it is a win win situation.

PLEASE CONTACT US ON 0207 834 66 60 OR info@fusionmng.com for these services and price plans.