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As one of the top dance agencies in London we are ideally placed to introduce hundreds of dancers that represent different genres and styles to those casting directors and producers that rely on the services of highly trained dancers for hire from both sexes, from different age groups.

At Fusion Management our database is comprised of very talented people from different backgrounds looking for a trusted, well-experienced dance agency to represent the interests of dancers for hire. Our dancers come from many backgrounds and offer varied levels of experience and all of those styles that designers, production companies and casting agents enquire about all the time.

The dancers on our books represent talents that vary from commercial to theatrical styles whether clients are looking for ballet dancers, or commercial dancers, or those that offer jazz or any form of dance from past decades - also those that offer the most recent, modern dance forms. Therefore casting agents and production companies know they can approach us anytime when they want to hire dancers for the shows they are staging or for the commercials that they do for television or other media.

We ensure that our dancers offer the skills they mention on their CV thereby offering casting agencies and producers the talents they may be looking for. Many of our dancers offer different talents such as dancing, singing and acting which, for production companies, make them great people to work with since their talents transcend beyond one genre or style only.

Experienced dance agencies in London such as ourselves have built up an impressive database for our clients to choose the best dancers from and, likewise, we deal with many talent scouts, casting directors and producers that our dancers know we can introduce them to for the best exposure as dancers.

We find jobs for dancers and dancers for producers. We represent all genres and clients with their own specific requirements right from principal dancers to background performers and extras. Contact us to be your first introduction to a launch a lucrative career. We are a top London dance agency.



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