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Modelling offers both men and women - from all ages and backgrounds - great opportunities to earn good many, see the world and work in an environment with other professionals that allow them to express themselves creatively and to offer their talents to thousands.

We are known as one of the best modelling agencies in the UK, and therefore we attract good, positive feedback as a leading commercial model agency in London that finds work for models and the right people for agencies looking for models. Our service has been instrumental in helping numerous high earning models start on a great career path and therefore we are often regarded as one of London's foremost commercial modelling agencies.

Casting agencies, designers and producers know that they can hire models through our service and that we are also a leading male model agency in London. We represent young people, but also those with years' experience, and we have become known as one of the most popular male modelling agencies for many miles around - as well as a top representative for female models.

Our clients require the talents of both males and females over a wide front, and therefore, as an experienced model agency in London, we are able to put models and talent scouts, designers and production companies in touch with one another to arrange model castings, jobs in advertising campaigns, catwalk shows, catalogue work, fashion photography, editorial work and a range of other assignments that enable them to work with the top modelling agencies in the UK.

We offer representation to all models whether you are starting out or whether you want to work with an experienced modelling agency in London that represents different looks, different experience or specific skills. Our models know we assist all, right from those that work full-time to the part-time individual. Production houses and casting agencies contact us daily for the services of models for hire and many have built up the type of relationship with us and our models that they now work exclusively through Fusion Management.



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