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The entertainment industry provides great opportunities for hundreds of thousands of individuals to chase their dream to earn good money, to enjoy great experiences and to become famous by working in various sectors of advertising, theatre, film and other forms of creative expression.

In addition to those that take centre stage extras are needed all the time, and as a well-known extras agency we find work for our models and actors every day. We are in touch with all the important designers, directors and producers in the UK every hour of the working day to ensure that the profiles of our actors, models and other extras are constantly promoted. Our extras are called to castings all the time and our clients know that we offer the services of experienced actors and models, other performers and professionals that are among the best in the industry.

As one of the best extras casting agencies in London we arrange for our models and actors to see the most prominent talent scouts and agencies looking for those skills and that certain look they can bring to a campaign or production whether jobs are offered on stage, in advertising or in television and film.

At Fusion Management we find the best individuals for film extra agencies that require the services of those models and actors that are available to work as extras in film and other media. Our models and actors often go on to great careers in the entertainment industry because they have trusted us with promoting their profiles and services, and our clients who work as producers, designers and casting agencies for extras, lead actors and top models remain in touch with us since they know we provide the best individuals for them to work with.

Extras in film are offered great opportunities when they list with us: they get the kind of exposure which often leads to other, bigger assignments and more money for them. As a casting agency that helps provide opportunities for film extras across all age groups and different media we represent numerous talented people, all with their own look and from diverse backgrounds. Get in touch with us. We are here to help!



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