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We deal with a wide range of clients looking for either inexperienced actors or those that have worked in the industry for years. Likewise, we represent actors for hire whether they have a certain look, age or features that directors and producers may be looking for, or whether they offer different acting abilities as versatile professionals.

We are a talent manager acting for both the actors and those looking for their services; as such you have come to the ideal place whether you are looking for actors for hire or for a company to work for. We represent the interests of hundreds of actors from varied backgrounds, some very experienced in one genre, others very versatile. These actors come from all walks of life and countries, and therefore they bring their own talents, looks and experiences to those representatives from film and television, as well as theatre and fashion, commercials of various description and all those requirements that the industry is constantly looking for - even if you are looking for actors for hire to entertain you at a function or party

We specifically source those actors that designers, casting agencies and production companies need for their projects, to represent as wide as possible a group to ensure clients find the exact people they want to work with. When our clients are looking for actors for hire they are given great choices to ensure they invite among the best in the business to their castings, whether they are looking for actors to employ for a big job or something smaller.

Our database includes some with vast experience; others who have just joined the industry - and others in between. Our database is impressive and offers the talents of actors for hire from both sexes, different age groups right from young to senior and giving the casting director the assurance that the variety of professionals and amateurs that we represent will offer them a great choice, resulting in wonderful opportunities for all. So whether you are an actor whose services are for hire or whether you are an agency that wants to get in touch with these actors, contact us. We have created great opportunity for actors and casting agents all alike over the years.



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