First Name: Bruja
Surname: Estrella

Talent :
- Commercial Models
- Fitness Models
- High Fashion

Age: 25-30
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: London
Accent: British London
Height: 5ft9inch
Weight: 56kg
Shoe Size: 6.5 UK
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Colour: Green
Waist: 26"
Bust: 34 B
Hips: 38"
Other Accents:
Drivers License: No

Additional Talents

SPORTS - Swimmer, Roller blading/ Skating, Pilates, Yoga, Ice skating, Tennis, Footbll, Horse riding, Trampolining, bicycle riding

DANCE - Belly dance, Jazz, Hiphop, Street, Freestyle, Contemporary, Freestyle

SING - Mezzo Saprano

INSTRUMENTS - , Piano, Cajon drum, Hang drum , Guitar

ACCENTS- RP, Liverpudlian, American (variation of states), Cockney, Yorkshire, French, Italian, Irish, Scottish, German, Somerset, Australian, Persian, New Zealand , South African

MARTIAL ARTS /STUNTS - Stage combat, Apoki boxing, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kick boxing, MMA

ADDITIONAL - Fire Breathing, Presenting, Jet skiing, Skiing, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Boat Captain, Chef, Skipper, Diving, Poet,, Painter


Years of Production Description Production Name Company Name Role
2017 Hair Dressers journal Cover and Feature
2016 Echoscoffiure Cover and Feature
2016 Zine magazine Cover and Feature
2015 Tatler magazine Feature
2015 Diva magazine Cover and Feature
2016 Vernal magazine Feature
2017 Ellements magazine Cover and Feature
2016 Jentil vegan bags Photo advertisement web & print
2015 Gaydar Website & Santa Monica boulevard billboard
2016 Rizvi millinery Tokyo fashion week photo/video advertisement
2015 MoKo Wear Westfield’s Stratford photo advertisement
2017 Visit Britain Photo advertisement
2017 Lisa Wanger Photo advertisement
2016 The George tavern Photo advertisement
2017 Yufash Photo advertisement
2015 Chiltern railways Photo advertisement
2015 SW4 festival Promo Video
2016 Karen Harding Featured extra
2015 Pink Cigar Lead Role
2016 Gana Lead Role
2017 Petricia Lead Role
2015 Royal Thunder Lead Role
2015 G Logan Lead Role
2016 James Blunt Featured Extra
2015 Jessie J Featured Extra
2015 Playout underwear Lingerie fashion week
2016 NARS cosmetics Convention
2016 DEX cosmetics Convention
2017 Westfield’s Stratford store Fashion Meets Music
2016 Clad NY Walking LFW
2016 CuCu Walking LFW
2016 Phiney Pet Showcase LFW
2016 Artistic Team of Headmasters Dance Show
2017 Alfarf Walking Show
2017 Paul Stafford Salon Images
2017 Paul Stafford Salon Images
2015 D&J ambrose Salon Images
2017 Bristle and Crème Salon Images
2015 Affinage products Hair show tour
2015 Angels salon Photoshoot
2016 Toni and Guy Photoshoot
2017 L'oreal Photoshoot
2016 Guitar Hero Lead Role
2016 The Royals Featured Extra
2017 The Royals Featured Extra
2015 The life of crime Supporting actor
2015 Big bad world Supporting actor
2016 Borderline Lead Role
2015 Allycats Featured actor
2015 Jessie J Featured actor
2016 Midnight beast 2 Speaking role
2017 Midnight beast 2 Speaking role
2014 The Grinch Speaking role
2014 Suffragettes Speaking role
2016 100 Streets Featured extra
2016 Yufash Lookbook
2015 Ekaterina Kudryashova Lookbook
2017 Gianni Lilliu Lookbook
2015 B individual Lookbook
2017 Diva Choice Lookbook
2015 Black mirror Lookbook
2017 Sky luna Lookbook
2017 Guisseppe tavano Lookbook
2016 Guisseppe tavano Lookbook
2015 Richard Lipman TV Searching for ghosts
2017 Kensington Art Show Renascence life model
2016 Art exhibition Broken Doll
2017 Marina Millian Life Doll
2016 Designer Mouse Fashion film
2017 Slut Walk Fashion film


Acting Actors Temple | UK | 2014 – Present
Acting Identity | UK | 2016
Acting Northern Academy | UK | 2009