First Name: Paula
Surname: Sawicka

Talent :
- Real Faces
- Extras

Age: 21-24
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: Scotland
Accent: Scottish
Height: 5ft1inch
Weight: 51kg
Shoe Size: 4 UK
Hair Color: Red
Eye Colour: Green
Waist: 33.5 inches
Bust: C
Hips: 27.3 inches
Other Accents:
Drivers License: Yes

Additional Talents

I am an extreme-sports enthusiast who enjoys adrenaline rush and risk-taking. So far, I have done bungee jumping, sky-diving and scuba-diving. With regards to hobbies, I love football, basketball, dancing and singing. More specifically I enjoy partner-based dancing such as tango and salsa.

In addition to my interests I am also bilingual. My native language is Polish.


Years of Production Description Production Name Company Name Role
2017 3D models model
2013 Bluerooms model
2012 Mystery Babylon Actress