First Name: Zeshan
Surname: Saqlain

Talent :
- Commercial Models
- Extras

Age: 21-24
Ethnicity: South Asian
Location: Britain North
Accent: South Asian
Height: 5ft8inch
Weight: 50kg
Shoe Size: 7 UK
Hair Color: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Other Accents:
Drivers License: Yes

Additional Talents

I have developed several talents in these 22 years that are in continuous development thanks to the speed of learning.
SPORTS: I have 4 years experience in Basketball because I was playing in a team in Italy, I know play Football and volleyball very good as well, passionate and constantly attending Gym, sometimes using a skate and going with friends to do Parkour.
DANCE: I have talent in dancing but never focused on it, I like to dance and I know some staps, but never participated in any dance groups and course but I think I can dance.
ART: My best talent is drawing create something new and strange I study interior design so I like painting as well, is my hobby.
OTHER: I know acting and I think I m an actor, while I learn to play the piano.
WORK EXPERIENCE: I had cooking, barman, waiter,
LANGUAGE I can speak: Urdu, Indian, Italian, English, intermediate Spanish in the speech but excellent understanding.


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