First Name: Adam
Surname: Khedheri

Age: 51-60
Ethnicity: White
Location: London
Accent: American
Height: 5ft9inch
Weight: 65kg
Shoe Size: 9
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Waist: 32
Bust: 39
Drivers License: Yes

  • searchTraining 2
    Voice: Gary Terzza's Voiceover Masterclass
    Voice: Gravy For The Brain
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American-California, American-East Coast, American-Southern States, American-Standard, American-West Coast, American-Western States, Canadian (Native)
Bass Guitar, Contemporary Dance, Contemporary Singing, Drums, Falsetto, Folk Singing, Freestyle Dance, Guitar, Guitar-Electric, Keyboards, Rock 'n' Roll Dance, Rock Singing, Singer-Songwriter
Bank Trading (experience), Bartender, Blogger, Chess, Comedy Songwriting, Composer, Computer Literate, Editing/Proof-Reading (experienced), Hair Model, Improvisation, Journalist, Lyricist, Model-professional, Moped Rider, Narration, Photographic Model, Podcaster, Radio Producer, Radio Studio Engineer, Radio recording/editing, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer/Technician (experienced), Speed Reading, TEFL Tutor, Typing (touch), Writer
ADR-Additional Dialogue Recording, Actor-Musician, Actor-Singer, Audio Books, Audio Drama, Comedy, Commentating, Disc Jockey (DJ), Green Screen, Interviewer (experienced), Lip Sync, Master of Ceremonies, Musician-Professional, Poetry Reading, Presenting, Professional Singer, Public Speaking, Radio Drama, Radio News Reader, Radio Presenting, Recording Artist, Role Play, Singer-Professional, Story Telling, Voice Acting, Voice Over, Voice Over + Studio + Source Connect or similar, Voice Over Professional/Specialist
Canoe, Cycling, Horse-riding, Horse-riding (Western Style), Mountain Biking, Skiing

  • searchCredits 77
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2022 Voice Over Darkfield - Intravene Voice Actor Hospital Orderly
    2022 Still Photography Coventry Building Society Model Model
    2021 Voice Kokoa Voice Actor Narrator
    2021 Commercial Not Your Typical DFS Ad Model Skeleton Man
    2021 Voice Security Operations Center Voice Actor Narrator
    2021 Commercial Swiss Klip Model Product User
    2021 Commercial & Stills Hoover Model Husband
    2021 Home Alone Feature Film Actor Mike - Andrew Daly Reader / Double
    2020 Television Worlds Most Evil Killers Actor Doug Clark (The Sunset Killer)
    2020 Television Countdown To Murder Actor Simon Mellors
    2020 Voice Classify, Notify E-Learning: Anglo-American Mines Voice Actor Narrator
    2020 Still Photography Barchester Health Recruitment Model Nurse
    2020 Commercial Rabbit (Fund For Ferris/Simply Health) Model Runner
    2020 Still Photography Numskull Christmas Promo Model Model
    2020 Educational HSBC E-Learning Voice Actor Mr. Sanchez
    2020 Voice Philips Ambient Atmosphere (Edit) Voice Actor Raj
    2020 Commercial Athabasca University Model Blind Man
    2020 Educational Cambridge University Doc & Grammar Rap Voice Actor Narrator
    2020 Voice Reutlingen University Voice Actor Narrator
    2019 Still Photography Waldo Model Contact Lens Wearer
    2019 Commercial Candaian Casino Review Model Blogger
    2019 Commercial Game Of Thrones Promo Model Spectator
    2019 Still Photography Shine Walk Model Marathon Runner
    2019 Corporate Zebra Scanners Actor Post Man
    2019 Feature Film Lynn & Lucy Actor Detective
    2018 Internet Hotpoint: Moments That Matter Model Husband/Father
    2018 Commercial Legoland Bravery Bootcamp Model Scared Father
    2018 Voice Natterbox For Salesforce Descriptor Voice Actor Narrator
    2018 Infomercial Beko Testimonial Actor Product User
    2018 Commercial Vitality Field Day Model Father
    2018 UNRD UNRD Actor Fred Anderson/Police Detective
    2018 Video Game Hitman 2 Voice Actor Various Voices
    2018 Voice Amazon Alexa/Philips Hue Lighting Voice Actor Home Owner
    2018 Voice ESB Business School Voice Actor Narrator
    2018 Commercial Long Live The Queens Model Office Worker/Postman
    2018 Commercial Harley Street Practice Model Cancer Patient
    2018 Internet Bath On Clouds Presenter Presenter
    2018 Viral Pass It On - Smith & Nephew Actor Head Nurse
    2018 Corporate Cool Not Cold Voice Actor Narrator
    2018 Voice Bridge Program Voice Actor Narrator
    2018 Voice Somnai VR Voice Actor Texas Businessman
    2018 Viral Swans Testimonial Model Eyeglass Wearer
    2018 Viral Pizza Express Model Cooking Class Attendee
    2017 Television Keith Lemon - Coming In America Actor Teacher
    2017 Still Photography Nucala (GSK Pharma Group) Model Asthma Sufferer
    2017 Still Photography Curry's January Sale Model Product Model
    2017 Voice Byrd News App Explainer Voice Actor World-Weary Narrator
    2017 Voice Bear In Mind Voice Actor Bear Narrator
    2017 Voice DHL Training Voice Actor Colleague 1
    2017 Still Photography Essentra Components Model Engineer
    2017 Voice T-Connect Guide Voice Actor Narrator
    2016 Commercial EE Xmas Model Uncle Frank
    2016 Corporate Betvictor Brand Manifesto Actor Office Boss
    2016 Voice Oyster Promo Voice Actor Narrator
    2016 Television 50 Ways To Kill Your Lover Actor Detective
    2016 Television American Monster Actor Deputy Meier
    2015 Commercial Reinvent Romance (HP R2D2) Model Dog Walker
    2015 Feature Film Kill Your Friends Voice Actor Various Voices
    2015 Commercial Heathrow - Imaginary Friend Model Dad
    2015 Voice Millennials And Music Voice Actor Narrator
    2015 Corporate Expedia News Segment Actor Jeff Moscovitz
    2015 Corporate Fandom Actor Indifferent Fan
    2015 Television 50 Ways To Kill Your Lover Actor Dangerous Guy (Earl)
    2014 Commercial Flybe Model Nice Dad
    2014 Voice Bedrijsfilm Voice Actor Narrator
    2014 Corporate Bibby Maritime Actor Simon
    2014 Voice Juxtapid Voice Actor Narrator
    2014 Film What Goes Around Actor Prison Guard
    2014 Television Be The Boss Actor House Cleaner
    2014 Voice Analogy Way Tutorial Video Voice Actor Narrator
    2014 Voice Newzulu Promo Voice Actor Narrator
    2013 Voice Dulac Jeans Voice Actor Narrator
    2012 Corporate YMCA PSA Actor Ex-Convict
    2011 Film Pen Pain Actor Teacher
    2011 Film The Side Of The Road Actor Driver
    2011 Television The Will: Family Secrets Revealed Actor Don Garris
    2006 Radio Definitely Not The Opera Presenter Presenter/Producer/Writer

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