First Name: Alan
Surname: Bayer

Age: 51-60
Ethnicity: White
Location: London
Accent: French
Height: 6ft1inch
Weight: 82kg
Shoe Size: 10
Hair Color: Black
Eye Colour: Hazel
Waist: 33
Bust: 40
Hips: 34
Drivers License: Yes

  • searchTraining 5
    Acting: Actors Temple Studio London, 2015
    Acting: Jack Waltzer, Actors Studio, London 2000-2001
    Acting: Jack Waltzer, Actors Studio, Paris 1998-2000
    Acting: Paris Master Class JP Vulin , Actor Studio Master Class 1995-1996
    Acting: Pygmalion Studio, Improvisation Classes, Paris 1989-1991
Additional Talents

Sports :
Archery, Bowling, Canoe, Golf*, Horse-riding, Sailing*, Skiing*, Swimming, Tennis*, Wind Surfing*, Table tennis*, Running*, Basket ball*, Hand ball*, Volley ball...
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled) Flamenco, Jazz Dancing, Latin American, Period Dancing, Salsa Dancing, Samba, Tango
Accents & Dialects:
(* = native) Belgian, French*, French Canadian
(* = Native/Fluent) English, French*, Italian, Spanish

Vehicle Licences: Car Driving Licence, Motorcycle Licence
Other Skills: Painting, Reiki, Yoga, Sculpture, Sketching...

  • searchCredits 40
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2017 Thanks For The Memories (TV) Maitre'd
    2016 Good Chance (theatre workshop) Cast
    2016 Mini 7 Days (commercial) coffee manager
    2015 Maharaja Duleep Singh (film) Dr Elie de Cyon
    2014 Milk (film) Riaf
    2014 New Tricks Ep 7 (TV) French Visitor
    2013 Salt (film) The Man
    2013 Penny Market (commercial, Germany) Dad
    2013 Nurofen Topicals (commercial) Hero
    2012 Tena (commercial) Man on Date
    2012 Raffles (corporate) Writer
    2012 Rush (film) French Photographer
    2011 Movistar (commercial, Spain) The Man
    2011 Lindemans (commercial) Friend
    2010 2012 Sochi Winter Sports (promo) The Man
    2010 Toyota ITV Movies Ident (commercial Indiana Jones
    2010 Virgin (commercial) European Passenger
    2010 Cialis (commercial) South European Man
    2010 Macleans (commercial) Pretender
    2010 Mini Cooper (commercial) Pilot
    2009 M&C Saatchi (promo) Businessman
    2008 Sam Leigh (music video) The Film Director
    2007 Music Promo (music video) Director Photo for Leona Lewis
    2007 El Paso (commercial) Dad
    2006 Bays Vista Production (commercial) Chef Stefi
    2006 BRWT Productions (commercial) Man "hic"
    2006 Navigatot Productions (commercial) Dad
    2005 Frankfurt Film Productions (commercial) Major D'Homme
    2005 Gold Fisch Productions (corporate) Man
    2005 Suisse Film Company (commercial) Mr Cailler
    2004 Journey (TV) Man
    2004 ETS Production (commercial) Client Man
    2004 Specsavers (commercial) Man on Boat
    2004 Muli Media Phone Company (commercial) Director
    2003 BBC Resources (educational) The Man
    1999 The Shooter (short film) Lead
    1995 Mad (TV) Alain Proviste
    1990 Volkswagen (commercial) Man Squeak
    0 Sniper (film)
    0 Intimes Convictions (film) The Man
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