First Name: Claire
Surname: Walmsley

Age: 41-50
Ethnicity: White
Location: London
Accent: London
Height: 5ft6inch
Weight: 63kg
Shoe Size: 6
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Colour: Green
Waist: 29
Bust: 34C
Hips: 38
Drivers License: Yes

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    Masters Degree Performance Arts: Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts
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ACCENTS: Cockney, Essex*, Lancashire, London*
MUSIC & DANCE: Jazz Dancing, Jive, Lindy Hop, Period Dancing, Rock 'n' Roll Dance, Salsa Dancing, Street Dance, Street Jazz
PERFORMANCE: Commentating, Compere, Corporate Roleplay, Immersive Performance, Outdoor Performances, Presenting, Radio Presenting, TV Presenting
SPORTS: Cycling, Horse-jumping*, Horse-riding*, RollerSkating, Running, Stage Combat, Swimming
OTHER: Alexander Technique, Horse Training, Pilates

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    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2019 Television Tricolour TV News Network Presenter / News Anchor Self
    2019 Stage Is It Worth It Tour Presenter Self
    2019 Stage The Murder Express Actor Tilly Tulip
    2019 Stage All Hail Macbeth Actor Cate
    2019 Stage Apple Is Delicious Actor Yun
    2019 Corporate Safeguarding Adults At Risk Actor Beth
    2019 Radio Bart's Radio Presenter Self
    2019 Radio East London Radio "Stages" Show Presenter Self
    2019 Voice Over Gisma Business School Voiceover Self
    2019 Corporate The Time Academy Presenter Self
    2018 Television 999: Killer On The Line Actor Kerry Munton
    2018 Film The Sylvan Post Actor The "Ex" Wife
    2018 Film Absence Actor Karina
    2018 Film April Actor Michelle
    2018 Stage Amexlix "Is It Worth It" Tour Presenter Self
    2018 Stage EGX Rezzed Presenter Self
    2018 Stage Bouviere Place Summer Event Presenter Self
    2018 Stage The Murder Express Actor Tilly Tulip
    2018 Stage Netball London Live, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Presenter Self
    2018 Stage The Greatest Snowman Actor Bubbles
    2018 Stage Grotto Actor / Scriptwriter Samantha (Lead)
    2017 Television Rock Paper Actor Jennifer
    2017 Stage A Midsummer Nights Scream Actor Alice (Lead)
    2017 Stage Bouviere Place Xmas Event Presenter Self
    2017 Feature Film Ten Actor Cassie Read (Lead)
    2016 Film Sick Day Actor Helen
    2015 Stage Winterfest Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Presenter Self
    2015 Music Video All Of Me Actor Jenny (Lead)
    2014 Television You, Me, and Them Actor Claire (Party Dancer)
    2013 Film The Arms Of Morpheus Actor Woman (Solo Monologue)
    2013 Music Video Ed Drewett - Undefeated Actor Nurse
    2013 Music Video Dizzee Rascal - Love This Town Actor Police Riot Officer
    2013 Film Coupled Actor Jen (Lead)
    2013 Feature Film Abusing Protocol Actor Kelly
    2013 Feature Film Three Stops Down From Plaistow Actor Charlie's Girl
    2013 Television Eastenders Actor Mary (Featured)
    2011 Stage I Make Alive Actor Hannah
    2011 Film Hades Actor Liv
    2011 Feature Film For Love Actor Maria
    2010 Stage Jive Alive Actor Lucy
    2008 Feature Film Blank Ink Actor Claire
    2007 Stage Peter Pan (Tour) Actor Wendy
    2006 Film Close Call Actor Mesha
    2006 Stage The Mysteries Actor Annas
    2006 Stage The Seagull Actor Nina
    2006 Stage A Midsummer Nights Dream Actor Puck
    2006 Stage The Way Of The World Actor Mrs Marwood
    2006 Stage The Accrington Pals Actor Bertha
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