First Name: Conrad
Surname: Williams

Age: 41-50
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: London
Accent: British London
Height: 6ft1inch
Weight: 77kg
Hair Color: Grey/White
Eye Colour: Brown
Drivers License: Yes

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ACCENTS: Cockney, English, standard, Kent, London, Northern Irish, RP, South London, New York City, Southern American, Upper-Class Massachusetts, Dublin, French, Irish, Italian

MUSIC & DANCE: Piano, Ballroom, Contemporary, Jazz, Baritone

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    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2016 ISPI Actor Stu
    2015 Heritage Of London Presenter Presenter
    2013 Dutch Lady Actor Astronaut (Featured)
    2013 Student Film Lilie Actor Father (Featured)
    2012 The Novium - Roman Wall AV Shoot Actor Main Roman
    2012 Seconds From Disaster - Cinook Aircraft Disaster 1994 Actor Pilot (Featured Speaking)
    2012 Commercial UK Actor Screaming Dad (Featured)
    2011 Manchester Flight 28M Disaster Cockpit Reconstruction Actor Brian Love (Co Pilot)
    2011 Commercial Tropicana 16 Oranges Actor Father
    2011 Fashion's Passion Actor Nigel Fashion (Lead)
    2011 Stage POE Macabre Resurrections Actor Prospero
    2010 Bad Luck Actor Steve - Businessman (Featured)
    2010 Cocoa Actor David - Father (Supporting Role)
    2010 The Inheritance Actor Brian Hengeveld (Lead)
    2010 The Sound Of The Crickets Actor Tony (Lead)
    2010 Pixel Actor Vicar
    2010 The Replacement Actor Senator Patrick Buchanan
    2010 The Crack Actor Jonathan (Supporting)
    2009 Commercial The Dubliners Album Release Actor Friend (Featured)
    2009 TV Golden Balls Actor Paul (Featured)
    2009 TV Behind The Scenes Actor Graham Barter
    2009 Theory Of Addiction Actor The Boss (Lead)
    2009 TV Dying High Actor Gary (Detective)
    2009 TV QVC Presenter Presenter
    2008 Sony Ericson "Bond Game" Actor Lead (Bond)
    2004 Frock and Roll, "La Dolce Vita" Presenter Presenter / Interviewer
    2003 Yellow Pages Yellow Pages Model Yoga Practitioner
    2003 Stage When In Rome Actor Carlo
    2003 Flight Centre Actor Daniel
    2003 TV Tableau Of Love Actor Paramedic
    2003 Conspiracy Of Silence Actor Seminarian
    2001 Stage Taming Of The Shrew Actor Hortensio
    2001 Stage Twelfth Night Actor Sir Andrew Aguecheek
    1999 Stage Bent Actor Uncle Freddie / Nazi Captain
    1998 Stage Comedians Actor George McBain
    1997 Stage She Stoops To Conquer Actor Marlowe
    1996 Stage Anything Goes Actor The Purser
    1995 Stage 42nd Street Actor Andy Lee
    1995 Stage Canterbury Tales Actor The Squire
    1994 Stage High Society Actor Journalist / Company Dancer
    1989 Stage Local Murder Actor Alan
    1988 Stage See How They Run Actor German Luftwaffe Officer

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