First Name: Drew
Surname: Ritchie

Age: 51-60
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: London
Accent: British Northern
Height: 5ft7inch
Weight: 76kg
Shoe Size: 9
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Colour: Green
Drivers License: Yes

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    Practical Aesthetics / Script Analysis / Screen Acting: Acting Coach Scotland / Glasgow
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    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2020 Commercial “Macmillan Cancer Commercial” Actor “Tattooed Man” / Shower Scene
    2020 Film “The Honourable” Actor Violent Landlord
    2020 Online / Digital Bosch Football Sketch “On the Tools” Actor Health & Safety Officer
    2020 Feature Film “The Hanged” Actor Tony Rigby
    2019 Film “The Zodiac” Actor Arthur Leigh Allan
    2019 Modelling “Cafe Morning” Model Gypsy
    2019 Film “On Trial” London Film School Actor Albert
    2019 Film “The Invisible Boy” Actor Violent Farther
    2019 Music Video “Dick” Actor Gay Date
    2019 Film “Leader of the People” Actor Mr Crane
    2019 Online / Digital “Keep it Safe” On the Tools Actor Builder
    2019 Film “Pine Box by the Bedside” Media City Actor John
    2019 Film “Bus Stop Hero” Media City Keith / Self Centred Husband
    2019 Film “The Art of Knowing” Actor Ronnie / Main Antagonist
    2019 Film “Hard Time” London Film School Actor Violent Prisoner
    2019 Film “Sugar” Actor Sugar Daddy
    2019 Music Video “Whether you Run” Actor Scary Stalker
    2019 Bollywood Feature Film “Jhalley” Actor Banjo / Mental Patient
    2019 Film “Daughters” / Media City Actor Dave
    2019 Film “A Slow Waltz” Actor Drug Dealer
    2019 Film “Fallen Kingdom” Actor Gangster
    2018 Film “The Debt Collector” Actor Evil Crime Lord
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