First Name: Michelle
Surname: Strutt

Age: 41-50
Ethnicity: Black
Location: London
Accent: London
Height: 5ft7inch
Weight: 69kg
Shoe Size: 9.5
Hair Color: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Waist: 30
Bust: 36
Hips: 36
Drivers License: Yes

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    Professional Actors Course: Drama Studio London
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MUSIC - Mezzo.

DANCE - Modern.

PERFORMANCE - Stand-Up Comedy.

ACCENTS - General American, Southern American, British Northern, Cockney, South London.

LANGUAGES - Spanish (Conversational).

SPORTS - Roller Skating, Ice Skating, Kickboxing.

OTHER - Typist (90 WPM), Childcare Credentials.

  • searchCredits 18
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2018 Walworth History Animated Tour Clara Stock/Norma Lawrence/Maria Hutchings
    2018 Sonnet Sunday Shakespeare's Globe Ensemble
    2018 Hard Earth Mandy
    2017 Journeys - Kaleidoscope Theatre Norma Lawrence
    2017 Melodramatic Elephant In the Haunted Castle Narrator
    2017 McDonald's Delivery Ad Mum/Friend
    2016 The DNA Journey Woman
    2016 Sure Deodorant Woman
    2009 Family Portrait Michelle
    2007 Echoes of War Lorraine
    2005 Where Am I? Lucille
    2005 Breakfast Shellon
    2002 Citizenship Project Red Riding Hood
    2002 Pilot Vanessa
    2001 Can You Kick It? Dannii
    2001 A Word In Your Ear Jenny
    0 Walkers' Crisps Commerical Belinda
    0 Gentlemen Dorothy
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