First Name: Tenika
Surname: Mahoney

Age: 31-40
Ethnicity: Black
Location: London
Accent: British London
Height: 6ft0inch
Weight: 65kg
Shoe Size: 8.UK
Hair Color: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Waist: 26.5"
Bust: 34"
Hips: 36"
Drivers License: Yes

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    Dance: Urban Practice (BA)HONS Degree: University of East London
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SPORTS/FITNESS - Yoga, Weight training, Running
DANCE: Street, Freestyle, Splits
ACCENTS - American(California), Jamaican
COMBAT TRAINING - Sword Fighting
STAND IN - Rihanna

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    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2016 Wonder Woman Special Action Artist
    2016 The Royals Model
    2016 Clearscore Actor
    2015 Emporio Armani Diamonds Eau De Parfum Background Artist
    2015 Eastenders Featured Extra
    2015 ‘We’ve got a workout for that’ Background Extra
    2015 'MAC is Beauty' Model
    2015 Kylie Minogue Featured Model/Dancer
    2015 Wraith Inspired by Fashion Model
    2015 9th Issue Model
    2015 Black Beauty & Hair Magazine Aug/Sept ’15 issue Model
    2015 Bianca Miller London Hosiery Model
    2015 SS15 London Fashion Week Model
    2014 ‘Wonder’full’ Background Artist
    2014 PAN Background extra
    2014 Nas x The Ride Featured Model
    2014 Motorola X Promo shot Model
    2013 Christmas gifting Featured Model
    2013 Adidas Background Artist
    2013 JLS The 4th Dimenson Tour Background Artist
    2013 Rihanna For River Island Collection Model
    2012 World Body Painting Festival Special Action Artist
    2011 The Home serve man can Featured Dancer
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