First Name: Johanna
Surname: Thea

Age: 31-40
Ethnicity: Mixed Race
Location: London
Accent: London
Height: 5ft9inch
Weight: 60kg
Shoe Size: 7.5
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Colour: Brown
Waist: 25
Bust: 32C
Hips: 35
Drivers License: No

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    Cold Reading, Meisner: Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop
    Improvisation, Singing, Live Theatre: Anna Schers School for Actors
    PEM - Accessing Emotions : The Actors Centre
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Horse-riding, Sprinting, Bikram Yoga, Skipping, Natural Accent is Irish but can do Generic American, Californian and Southern, RP, Northern Irish, and French! Can speak Irish, French and German! I have a BSc in Psychology and a background in resilience training /positive psychology and neuroscience! I was in the Medical Reserve Army in Ireland, and worked in high fashion since I was 16 years old! I can sing - 2nd Soprano (in choirs etc, not MT level), Cycling, Cartwheels, Handstands, play the tin whistle, Am a published writer, have hostesses, waitressing, barmaid, Maitre D and promo experience! Have worked as a PA, been on the radio (Cheshire fm) and just finished size days as a presenter for modules based on resilience, communication and confidence, which will be sold to corporations and universities internationally! I dabble in tarot card reading and general readings. Can use autocue, mo-cap and green room savvy! Doubled for Sophie Okonedo, Natalie Gumede and Sarah Jane Crawford!

  • searchCredits 20
    Year Type Production Name Role Type Role
    2016 Vodafone Advert Pregnant Girlfriend (fake pregnancy)
    2016 Resilience Training Module Self as Presenter/Orator for Voiceovers
    2016 Communication Training Module Self as Presenter/Orator for Voiceovers
    2016 Confidence Training Module Self as Presenter/Orator for Voiceovers
    2016 Worldpay Internal Samantha
    2016 Covent Garden Lifestyle Shoot Commercial Model
    2016 AA Photoshoot Girl with broken-down car
    2016 RESOLVE Leads Wife Ewa
    2015 National Lottery Credits Commercial Actress/Lottery Winner!
    2015 Undercover Sophie Okonedos' stand-in/double
    2015 The Jury Rebecca - a confederate/double agent
    2015 Overheard in the Newsroom Ali - Irate Social Media Journalist
    2015 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Hand Double for Natalie Gumede
    2015 JML ADVERT Self Orating to Camera
    2015 His Father's Son Katie - the flirty barmaid
    2015 GC AESTHETICS Self - giving product review
    2014 Calls May be Recorded Kathy - Call Centre Worker
    2014 A Life Changing Event Joanna - Lead - Abused Wife
    2014 A History of Indians in the United States Oration to camera
    2014 Any Other Questions Susan - Lead Interviewer
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